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OPAL dichroic paints - 12 Colours

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New range of opalescent paints
12 references to choose from
Available in:
400ml Aerosol
250ml / 1L Can
2L Kit

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StardustColors Opal Paints are probably one of the most beautiful and amazing paints available.
Opal - Stardustcolors

These opalescent paints are unique in the world and display iridescent reflections identical to those of mother-of-pearl produced by certain shells, or to the colours of some precious stones and white opals.

Sometimes called "Mother-of-pearl", the 11 shades of the Opal range outmatches all known paints in terms of beauty with their fascinating aspect. Each Opal paint is truly unique, revealing a rainbow of subtle reflections.

Stardust Opal paints are available in a few rare and wonderful colours, from pale cream or white, to pink, lilac, green, orange or grey. From a scientific point of view, with their physical and chemical properties, Opal paints create colour from light:

Dichroic effect: When the observer moves around an Opal paint, the light plays with and transforms the colours that the eyes see. The product reflects and reacts to light by displaying a very intense "metallic electric white" surface. The shades are luminous and changing, depending on the angles of the surface and the observer perspective.


Colour Description

OPAL JASPER (OP10030 ), the most powerful shade of the Opal series. It displays very intense reflections: a beautiful and mysterious sparkle seems to come from this paint, which attracts much attention. The colour ranges from warm to cool tones, from peachy orange to bright green.


With its radiance of cold tones, the SPECTROLITE (OP10010) is more subtle than the OPAL JASPER, but as impressive. It offers coloured flashes whose colour spectrum ranges from green to purple. The cold aspect is impossible to catch and the eye is drawn by the colour play every time.


TOURMALINE (OP13450): This shade recalls some precious stones exhibiting rich and bright shades. Soft and elegant, this Opal colour offers "white" metallic reflections with a colour transition from bright green to electric pink through blue.

This Opal Blue Red shade is lighter and more discreet; it displays a perfectly white colour in the absence of lighting or direct light:
Its delicate shades of electric blue, reminiscent of the blue lagoon, turn into pink from the downing sun.


SIBERIAN MOONSTONE (OP10020): Sparkling reflection with icy shades of moonlight, translucent, clear and ghost-like, ranging from pale pink to turquoise

CRISAL AQUA AURA (OP10040): This Opal colour with double green and pure blue reflections exhibits a pearly white gloss on all its surface. It has special light reflection properties and its soft electric sparkle inspires peace.



Details of the different available offers in stock:

- 400ml Aerosol
- Pre-thinned 250ml / 1L Can
- 2 Liter Kit: 1L pure + 1L thinner

Peinture OPAL

Instructions for use:

Opal paint is a three-coat system including Base - Opal - Clear coat

Products are applied using spray gun or airbrush.

1/ The base is here packed in cans: or here in aeorosol format
1K white paint, ready to use; apply and cover after 10 minutes with Opal paint

2/ Opal Paint.
Delivered ready-to-use for 250 or 500ml cans, or in pure version to be thinned at 70% with its separate thinner, for the 2 L Kit.

Apply in 2 to 4 very fine coats. Fast drying. The thin passes can follow one another quickly.

3/ Topcoating is mandatory and must be at least 10 minutes later, or at the latest 30 minutes after.
A high quality clear coat must be used.
Find out our recommended clear coats: BS830 or other topcoats from the Stardust range


Base and Opal, single-component solvent-based paints.


Designed for bodywork, Opalescent paint can however be devoted to other uses of prestige (window decoration, bottles, mobile, jewellery, architecture, etc.)
However extraordinary and rare the product may be, it is quite affordable, and its application is something any painter can do, provided that he’s equipped with an airbrush or a spray gun.


A solvent-free acrylic version can be produced on request, that provides the same characteristics and quality of effects.

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OPAL dichroic paints - 12 Colours

New range of opalescent paints
12 references to choose from
Available in:
400ml Aerosol
250ml / 1L Can
2L Kit

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